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We are so proud of our apprentices ⭐️


Norske Skog are lucky to have a lot of talented, young people working for us, across all mills. The bright minds of our apprentices are a key part of our company, and the future of our sustainable paper production 🌱

Apprentice Anna Nicoline Holan

One of these bright minds, Anna Nicoline Holan, was just named apprentice of the year in Trøndelag for 2022, the county where Norske Skog Skogn is located. 

I am completely speechless. This is very unexpected. I have now been offered a permanent position at Norske Skog as a process operator. That means I will be operating the rolling machine and the paper machine. I really enjoy working at the paper mill.

– Anna Nicoline Holan (24) from Skogn.

There has been a rumor in the village that it's a pleasant workplace. It has an incredibly good working environment and a workplace where you can accomplish a lot. There are many opportunities for further development and education.

– Anna Nicoline Holan (24) from Skogn.

Everyone at Norske Skog knows who you are, and it's with pride that we congratulate you as the apprentice of the year 2022.

Your professional dedication, your progress and the effort you have put into creating a good work environment has been truly fantastic. You have also been involved in recruiting people into permanent positions even before you became a permanent employee yourself. 

– Svein Erik Veie, Development Manager in the production department at Norske Skog Skogn (third from the right)

Thank you to Anna and all our apprentices for their fantastic effort!


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