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Successful completion of 125 mill euro bond issue


Norske Skog AS has successfully completed a EUR 125 million senior secured bond issue with maturity in June 2022.

 Mr. Sven Ombudstvedt, Chairman of the board and CEO of Norske Skog commented:

- We have re-introduced Norske Skog to the capital markets through this bond issue. It is satisfactory that the issuance has met strong interest among investors. We will now be able to implement our long-term strategy with great force and speed by continuing to improve our core business, convert relevant parts of our paper machines and diversify within the bioenergy, fibre and biochemical markets.

The bonds will have a coupon of 3 month EURIBOR + 6% p.a. and will be applied for listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Settlement will be June 14, 2019.


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