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Norske Skog's mill in Boyer, Southern Tasmania, has received a total grant of AUD 4 million from the Tasmanian and federal governments!


Patrick Dooley, general Manager at Boyer: “Adding Norske Skog's AUD 2.9 million commitment, we can deploy an AUD 6.9 million package of initiatives to support the long-term future of the Boyer mill, allowing us to reduce emissions, keep costs down and continue to deliver an Australian source of newsprint.”

Patrick Dooley, General Manager Norske Skog Boyer Mill, Susie Bower, Liberal candidate and Senator Jonno Duniam, Assistant Federal Minister for Industry Development. Photo: Christina Cooper, Norske Skog Boyer

Due to the decline in the Australasian market, the Boyer mill is now the last publication paper mill operating in Australasia. Recent world events have highlighted why sovereign manufacturing capacity is so important for our industry and for manufacturers of other key commodities, which is why we have been working closely with the government over the past year to ensure publication paper is manufactured in Australia.

The funding will assist in three key areas at Boyer mill: 

🌳 Accelerating a range of projects designed to improve long-term financial sustainability

🌳 Progress the development of new business opportunities for the site

🌳 Bring forward work to examine the opportunity to reduce greenhouse emissions by about 160.000 tons of CO2 per year

Work on each of these activities will commence immediately, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Tasmanian and federal governments, further developing the Boyer mill, which in 1941 was Australia's first newsprint mill and remains one of the state's major employers today. 


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