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Norske Skog Skogn enters the packaging market with Interliner


Interliner is the liner which lies between the flutes in double wall corrugated cardboard. The product is manufactured for use in the type of corrugated cardboard which is produced and utilised in Asia.

“The strength of the Skogn mill is that they cover all segments. They have the necessary flexibility, competence and engagement at the mill”, says Project and development manager Håvard Busklein (to the right), here together with (from left): Managing director Bjørn Einar Ugedal, Process operator Katrine Vaage, Production manager Knut Erik Norøy and Process engineer Terje Reitan. Photo: iLevanger / Svein Helge Falstad.

“Thomas Moser from Norske Skog Bruck provided the idea of establishing Interliner as an alternative product in Skogn. The project in turn received active support from HQ,” says Håvard Busklein, Head of Production at Skogn. 
The production of interliner started on Skogn’s second production line in March of 2021. Operations progressed well, although the product had a lighter colour than anticipated. The product was delivered to our customers over the summer, and the end users provided positive feedback upon testing the Interliner. Based on the feedback the test deliveries received, Skogn is actively working to improve the product and to carry out the next test deliveries with enhanced product characteristics.

"The next delivery is taking place this October in a test production which will see Skogn produce 1000 tonnes of Interliner and deliver the product to existing Asian clients, as well as several new clients in the region,” says Håvar Fjerdingen, Head of Technical Customer Service at Skogn. 
“We aim to further develop the product and produce greater volumes in 2022. At the same time, we are prioritising the important work of strengthening our expertise surrounding the Interliner product, both in order to enhance its quality, and in order to facilitate the Interliner production process’ compatibility with our newsprint production,” says Fjerdingen. 




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