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Norske Skog product CEBINA used for the coating of Salmon Evolution's first production facility


In collaboration with Gjøco and BMO Entrepreneur, Norske Skog has supplied CEBINA with the epoxy spray used for the coating of Salmon Evolution's first production facility in Indre Harøy! The first phase of the innovative land-based facility includes a total of 12 tanks, where the first tank is already filled with seawater and salmon.

Photo: Salmon Evolution, Indre Harøy

Due to the properties of our nanocelluloce CEBINA the epoxy can be sprayed directly onto the wall without dripping as it hardens, reducing the application time from 2 weeks to approximately 4 days.
CEBINA is produced and developed at Norske Skog Saugbrugs, a paper mill with more than 160 years of experience with fibers and cellulose. In 2016, Saugbrugs developed microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) with the intention of enhancing the surface and tensile strength of paper produced at the mill. The increase in paper quality attracted interest from other industries, leading to the launch of CEBINA as a multi-purpose product.
Through the governmental green industry program Grønn Plattform, Norske Skog has been granted funds for the installation of new equipment at Saugbrugs that will enable us to further increase the CEBINA production capacity.



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