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Norske Skog enters into Sales and Marketing agreement with CellMark for Italy


Norske Skog is happy to announce that CellMark Italy, effective January 1, 2023, will act as the exclusive sales and marketing agent for sales of the Norske Skog publication paper and recycled containerboard products in the Italian market.

Robert Wood and Johan Vallin in the current Norske Skog Italia Milan office

Norske Skog has agreed to transfer the assets of its existing agent in Italy, Norske Skog Italia, to CellMark Italy on January 1, 2023. Through this strategic partnership with CellMark, Norske Skog will preserve the continuity of the sales and customer service functions in Italy on behalf of the Norske Skog European Business units. All existing Norske Skog Italia staff will be transferred to CellMark Italy.

For many years, Norske Skog and CellMark have successfully partnered together through exclusive marketing agreements in North America, South-East Asia, Spain, and Portugal. This new agreement will further strengthen the working relationship between the two companies.

“Norske Skog has enjoyed a long presence as a supplier of publication paper grades in Italy for many years. The imminent introduction of the Strato recycled containerboard products will add to our product portfolio, and with CellMark, we see the ideal partner to achieve further growth in our Italian market“, states Robert Wood, SVP Commercial of Norske Skog.

”When our key industrial partners transition from paper into packaging, CellMark is committed to remaining a strong and long-term partner. The Norske Skog partnership in Italy is a perfect example of that, giving CellMark an additional platform to further grow our packaging and paper sales in Italy”, says Johan Vallin, Executive Vice President of CellMark Packaging & Paper.


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