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French Government to award prestigious prize to Norske Skog for green transition


Norske Skog has been awarded the Choose France Award in the Green Transition category for €250 million investment in Golbey, Grand Est region, for the conversion of one newsprint production line to 100% recycled cardboard packaging material.

The award will be presented by the Minister of Economy and Finance during his visit to Norske Skog Golbey mill in a few months.

“We are humble and proud to receive this award for the investments in our Golbey mill. This recognition proves that our future oriented projects not only make business sense but also contributes to the benefit for the environment, the societies and the economy in the societies in which we operate,” says Norske Skog CEO Sven Ombudstvedt.

The Choose France Award is organised annually by Business France, the French agency dedicated to France’s international economic attractiveness. The Choose France awards rewards international investors and their contribution to the France Relance Recovery plan in the five categories green transition, competitiveness & innovation, cohesion & solidarity, contribution to the Recovery Plan, and talent.

More than 50 foreign companies established in 12 different regions in France participated and submitted applications.

“Norske Skog is aware of the role it has to play for the climate. Thus, it has always oriented its strategy towards ambitious and virtuous industrial and environmental objectives. Since the start up, our French paper mill has integrated this strategy into its own environmental policy, says Yves Bailly, Managing Director of Norske Skog Golbey

"Our investment projects emphasize this commitment", he continues. "It will enable us to diversify our business, but also to reinforce our circular economy approach and to achieve the Norske Skog Group’s climate ambitions of having a net zero CO2 emission in 2050.

To achieve this, we will continue to work actively on the development of alternative transport, reinforce further the use of green energy and pursue our efforts in favor of a responsible water management and the recycling and recovery of our waste".


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