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End of an era for Norske Skog in New Zealand ­čç│­čç┐


Today marks a significant milestone for us. Norske Skog has finalized the sale of the Tasman mill industrial site and remaining mill assets to Oji Fibre Solutions, a leading Australian pulp, paper, and packaging conglomerate.

Photo: Norske Skog courtesy

­čĺČ "After extensive negotiations and securing all necessary regulatory approvals, we're delighted to have concluded this sales agreement with Oji. This sale signifies the culmination of Norske Skog's longstanding business journey in New Zealand," says CEO of Norske Skog, Geir Drangsland.
The Tasman factory closed its newsprint productions in 2021, and the transaction is part of Norske Skogs focused long-term strategy. A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated employees and the supportive local community ­čĆí


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