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Building the solutions of the future with CEBICO


Fragment Design Studio is a Norwegian start-up developing Klikkboks – a line of sustainable and flexible storage furniture. It is made from CEBICO, Norske Skogs environmentally friendly alternative to thermoplastic.

The material is a natural fibre composite, consisting of thermomechanical pulp dispersed in a polymer matrix. By mixing the two components in a controlled process, we create a composite with improved mechanical properties while reducing the use of plastic. Pretty cool, right? 

Check out Fragment Design Studio here

Read more about CEBICO, and what it can be used for, here


Norske Skog Bruck GmbH
Fabriksgasse 10
A-8600 Bruck an der Mur



Telefon: +43 (0)3862 - 800 0
Telefax: +43 (0)3862 - 800 300